At SnowMirror, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the ways users can master our smart replication tool for ServiceNow quickly and easily. Our newest effort is the SnowMirror Academy, a series of topically-focused instructional videos that show users how to perform a wide range of tasks in SnowMirror.

The SnowMirror Academy is free to view, and can be viewed at your convenience on the SnowMirror website.

There are currently 14 videos in two modules in the SnowMirror Academy. The first module is SnowMirror Basics, and is made up of four videos that get users oriented and up and running quickly and easily. The videos go straight to the source: SnowMirror’s creator, Pavel Müller.

In the SnowMirror Basics module, users can get an overview of how SnowMirror works, how to install it, and how to replicate their first table. 

In the 9 videos of the SnowMirror Academy Data Replication module, users can learn how SnowMirror’s incremental replication algorithm works and how to troubleshoot using its logs. They can also learn how to schedule individual synchronizations, how to perform consistency checks on synchronized data and how to resolve data inconsistencies with individual execution types.

The Data Replication module also includes videos on delete strategies, data filtering using ServiceNow’s encoded queries, and how to set SnowMirror to use email servers to send notifications on the events you choose.

The Data Replication module’s final four videos cover how to set up notifications so that SnowMirror sends alerts according to the rules you set; how to handle schema changes to ServiceNow, especially through its regular updates; and how to save time and effort by creating multiple synchronizations at once.

The Data Replication module goes into depth on how to save time and effort by creating multiple synchronizations at once using SnowMirror’s Bulk Create features. It also takes a deep dive into special ServiceNow data model features, including reference fields and reference and display values. The module finishes with an overview of SnowMirror’s global settings.

SnowMirror will regularly add modules, so it’s a good idea to regularly visit the SnowMirror website.

The SnowMirror Academy videos are available now on the SnowMirror Academy website.

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