Dr. des. Bilal Haider Rana took on the position of country manager for the DACH region in June 2023. With a wealth of experience as an experienced business consultant, Bilal brings valuable expertise to our team. 

As a seasoned manager, Bilal's expertise and skills are positioned to have a substantial impact on the growth and success of our German branch. His professionalism and exceptional team leadership abilities are evident, and we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the German branch.  

You hold the position of country manager for the German branch and also have extensive experience as a business consultant. How do you manage to balance these two roles? 

Balancing multiple roles can be challenging, but I enjoy it like juggling. Effective time management and task prioritization are essential to achieve success. It's all about finding the right rhythm and being agile. My experience as a consultant taught me how to adapt seamlessly between different roles, and now I can dance between them effortlessly. 

How do you believe your consulting experience will influence your approach to your new role? 

Consulting is all about problem-solving and connecting with people. These skills are gold in my new role. I bring that consulting mindset of planning, communication, and efficient execution to the table. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in my leadership toolkit! 

Can you highlight some of the key challenges you face in your new position? 

The biggest challenge is being the go-to person for everything. But I’ve learned not to be a lone wolf. I delegate and lean on my amazing team for support. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?  

As the Country Manager for Germany, what do you see as your main goals and priorities for the German office in the next year or so? 

I'm pumped about the future! In the next year, we’re supercharging our presence in Germany and supporting our global projects. Efficiency and sustainability are the name of the game. Germany is our stronghold, and I'm making sure my team has all the tools and motivation they need to crush it. 

How do you approach building and leading your team effectively? 

I’m all about staying agile in this ever-changing world. I adapt my leadership style to the situation. Despite us being spread out, we connect daily, sharing our highs, lows, and even some epic fails. With a team as awesome as mine, it’s really easy to keep spirits high!  

How do you help your team members in their professional development and career progression? 

We're all about open communication. I chat regularly with my team to understand their goals and company needs. We set goals together and brainstorm how to make those dreams a reality. Flexibility is the name of the game, but I'm not afraid to push when needed. 

What inspires you the most in your role as a leader, and how do you motivate your team? 

My inspiration? It’s my incredible colleagues at GuideVision. They're the real MVPs. I lead with a servant’s heart and a dose of tech optimism. I'm all about embracing change and pushing boundaries. I try to encourage my team to see the bigger picture, which is the transformative potential of what we do. 

What advice would you give to person who aim to reach a similar leadership position? 

Becoming a successful leader requires one to have problem-solving skills. To hone this skill, it is important to improve one's communication skills. Approaching a problem with enthusiasm can make a significant impact as well. As a leader, you have to take on responsibility and consider diverse perspectives. People often have opposing viewpoints, and it’s the leader’s responsibility to find a way to merge them into a cohesive solution. 
What do you like to do outside of work to relax and recharge your battery? 

To relax and unwind, I love to read books, mainly on history and politics, as I’m a nerd in those areas. I also meditate and take long walks, and spending quality time with my kids is a fantastic escape from my busy life. Additionally, I practice intermittent fasting to keep up with my active lifestyle. Finding your Zen is the key to balancing work and life! 

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