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  • Our customers’ success with service management is of paramount importance for GuideVision. Having delivered well hundreds of ServiceNow projects, we understand customer challenges. We prefer to deliver ServiceNow in small phases, allowing our customers to realize its value quickly, while staying in line with strategic goals.

    Our consultants can guide your business transformation initiatives, and enable you to take advantage of changing industry trends. We will make sure that your organizational change management challenges are properly addressed in your transformation program.

    GuideVision consultants will perform the following activities as part of the Consulting Services:

  • The GuideVision training service offers high-quality training solutions tailored to meet customer requirements and maturity levels. This includes standard ServiceNow classes or custom solutions for all type of roles using or administering the ServiceNow application.

    GuideVision's trainings take advantage of its unparalleled expertise and knowledge of Best practices:

  • GuideVision Support - Instant access to certified ServiceNow resources in a flexible service that adds value to your business. We provide support after ServiceNow implementation in a highly flexible way to ensure your solution becomes an integral part of everyday operations. Key Advantages: GUARANTEED SLA, SN CERTIFIED EXPERTS, DEDICATED TEAM, NO UNEXPECTED SURPRISES

    <2nd & 3rd level support services>
    We make sure the customer’s instance is fully functioning, and that all registered incidents and issues are resolved within agreed dates.

    <Request for Change>
    Platform and customisation support, UI customisation, on-demand minor development and other services to help your company make the most of its workflows.

    <Upgrade & Patching>
    Keep up to date to take advantage of innovations that accelerate your business’s digital transformation.

    <Rapid Response>
    Incident management support services divided into three tiers based on response and resolution times provided in the SLA.

    <ServiceNow consultancy Experts>
    For customers in need of highly skilled ServiceNow developers to make the most of their instance.

    <Full Service Care>
    GuideVision Support is designed to be a flexible service. We offer service packages that can be combined based on your company’s needs.

    We take care of your ServiceNow instances while you stay on top of your business priorities. Explore GuideVision Support Packages:

  • The SnowMirror solution offers enterprises a smarter way to access their ServiceNow data by loading it from a ServiceNow instance and storing it in a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server installed in a local environment. This mirror database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse loads, system integration, data backup, and more.

    An on-premise software, SnowMirror is an agent pulling the data from ServiceNow. It can be installed on a physical or virtual server in an enterprise environment as well as in AWS or Azure clouds.

    SnowMirror is a smart replication tool for ServiceNow. Explore SnowMirror Key Benefits:

  • ParcelGO adds delivery management capabilities to ServiceNow, enabling your organization to manage shipments natively within the ServiceNow platform. From pickup arrangement through up-to-date tracking information, and even delivery confirmation, ParcelGO facilitates a fully automated dispatch workflow for your business.
    The easiest way to integrate fragmented shipping processes within a single platform, and automate the entire despatch workflow.

    Powerful features, simple to use:
    - Manage Carriers and Delivery services
    - Single Point of Service
    - Delivery Performance Reporting
    - All in One Dashboard
    - Generate Shipping
    - Ready for citizen development

    Faster deliveries, simple processing, reliable and smooth shipping experience, and much more – all in a single platform:

  • GuideVision uses proven implementation methodology to ensure the solution meets all requirements. Comparing the out-of-the-box functionality of the ServiceNow tool with the thoroughly discovered needs of our customer, our experts quickly extract maximum value from the ServiceNow platform and ensure all configurations are in sync with possible future enhancements.

    GuideVision's Implementation services portfolio:

  • Strategy Workshops

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Solution Architecture and Design

  • Roadmap Creation

  • Assessments

  • Other consultancy related to the ServiceNow platform

  • Together we develop a strategy and an execution plan that takes into consideration the current business environment. The activities are led by our industry experts who guide you through industry best practices and the latest technologies. The structure of the workshops maximizes efficiency and saves valuable time for participating key business stakeholders.

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  • We can analyse a customer’s business processes to pinpoint gaps and opportunities for improvement. We follow a structured approach that applies industry best practices and methodologies via interviews with key stakeholders. This generates quick results and helps to replace aging reactive operating models with agile new solutions that provide the base for business transformation initiatives.

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  • Working with you, GuideVision's technical experts can design the optimal solution to enable you to extract maximum value from your ServiceNow investment. Our technical expertise, as well as our unmatched software development capacity, means we can design a solution that is good for the present as well as the future.

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  • Our roadmaps provide a prioritized plan of the tasks involved in implementing ServiceNow components. Our custom roadmaps will be in sync with operating circumstances and allow customers to better reach their goals.

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  • Evaluating the customer’s current environment using best practices and experience-based knowledge, we can highlight the values of the proposed solution as well as identify the drawbacks of current business processes and specify the right ServiceNow components to harness performance benefits.

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  • Together we develop a strategy and an execution plan that takes into consideration the current business environment. The activities are led by our industry experts who guide you through industry best practices and the latest technologies. The structure of the workshops maximizes efficiency and saves valuable time for participating key business stakeholders.

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  • Official trainings

  • Custom trainings

  • We provide an extensive portfolio of training services covering the entire ServiceNow platform.

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  • Our custom trainings are tailor-made for the customer’s unique requirements and can provide additional learning opportunities to improve the way ServiceNow is implemented.

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  • Here’s how to get optimum results:

  • Note

  • Services aimed at securing a fully functional production instance and
    removing all reported malfunctions and their root causes as quickly as possible.

    ITIL® Service
    Operation areas:

    <Incident Management>
    <Problem Management>

    Reach out for support now
  • Small-scope development providing further ServiceNow customisation,
    plus services to secure, update and upgrade your instance.

    This package offers predefined actions as a “Request for Change”,
    where the intensity of each operation is evaluated based on customer inputs.

    Reach out for support now
  • Consultancy services to provide an in-depth understanding of business needs,
    and to design a clear architecture and adjustments for greater workflow efficiency.

    Services include business analysis, solution architecture and optimisation
    of customer workflow and UI elements, as well as consultations on any ServiceNow topic.

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  • Working with support, whether internal or external, can be a challenge. Based on our experience,
    we’ve put together a set of recommendations that, if followed, will help your company to get
    the most out of your support resources, whether they are internal, external or combined.

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  • Our main Support center in Hradec Králové was supported through the Europen Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Enterprise, and Innovations for Competitiveness, and the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • Off-Load Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Data Archiving

  • Local Backup

  • Improved Performance

  • Simplify Integrations

  • Disaster Recovery

  • SnowMirror lets you easily create flexible reports on your own infrastructure – Connect your own reporting platforms and BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services or SAP Business Objects to ServiceNow. Store your ServiceNow data on databases like MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle.

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  • Archive ServiceNow data in the mirror database and unload your instance by erasing unnecessary bulks of data from your ServiceNow instance database.

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  • Backup ServiceNow data onto a filesystem in your local environment. Restore the lost data caused by human errors, malicious insiders or errors in automated scripts.

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  • Using SnowMirror reduces the load on your ServiceNow instance because only a few reports or integrated applications need live data.

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  • Leverage the mirror database to connect read-only integrations, integrate applications with a database on a local network and improve integration architecture.

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  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s a copy of your mission-critical data stored on a local server, with guaranteed access even if your internet or application service provider is not available.

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  • Cost savings

  • Shipping service satisfaction

  • Empower employees

  • Easy adoption

  • Quick implementation

  • Great user experience

  • Efficiency

  • Control and transparency

  • Choose the optimal cost option for each consignment

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  • Increase the reliability and efficiency of your shipping operations

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  • Enable every employee to directly order a courier service in one click

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  • No need for long and complicated trainings or technical expertise to operate

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  • One-click installation, instant download from ServiceNow store, fully native to the ServiceNow platform

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  • Instant shipping directly from your ServiceNow instance

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  • Effective usage of time and resources involved in the shipping process and administration

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  • Get precise up-to-date information on the status of any shipment

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  • General implementation services

  • Review and assessment services

  • Integration services

  • Data migration and management services

  • Assessments

  • We help customers to maximize the benefit of ServiceNow products during their deployment. This helps to realize their business value quickly and provide a solid foundation for future development. Applying proven implementation best practices helps to avoid overwork and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

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  • We accelerate and increase the success of implementations by assessing the platform and application design, its configuration, and performance. We also help to ensure recommended security requirements are implemented and go further if needed. By stress testing with expected loads on the instance, we can replicate real world scenarios to identify issues prior to production.

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  • We can integrate ServiceNow with virtually any application using SOAP and REST and ensure that the solution provides maximum usability.

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  • We can incorporate existing data sources with the ServiceNow solution for instant value creation right after going live, and can also evaluate and improve existing data collection techniques to maximize the ServiceNow experience.

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  • Evaluating the customer’s current environment using best practices and experience-based knowledge, we can highlight the values of the proposed solution, as well as identify the drawbacks of the current business process and specify the right ServiceNow components to harness its performance benefits.

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