Quick news from the world of ServiceNow, as presented by GuideVision Business Consultant Karita Kuusisto.

Infosys, ServiceNow launch live operations platform to boost customer experience for telecom providers

Our parent company, Infosys, is teaming with ServiceNow to launch Infosys Live Operations platform, aimed at enhancing customer experiences (CX) for telecom providers. Live Operations integrates with legacy and digital environments to simplify business operations by application rationalisation and technology stack optimization. As part of Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey.

NVIDIA and ServiceNow collaborate to revolutionize enterprises with generative AI

Utilizing the ServiceNow Platform, NVIDIA AI Software, and DGX Infrastructure, custom large language models are being developed to introduce smart workflow automation to enterprises. A vast majority of companies are interested in using AI, but a hurdle exists in implementing generative AI within enterprises: AI models are proficient in learning from public data, but they don’t have access to enterprise-specific data. This means they can’t address company-specific queries, like setting up a VPN or explaining employee benefits. ServiceNow is crafting custom large language models using NVIDIA’s software, services, and accelerated infrastructure. These models are trained on data specifically for the ServiceNow Platform, a smart platform designed for comprehensive digital transformation.

ServiceNow finds people over 55 aren’t fans of chatbots

ServiceNow has released the results of a March 2023 study on chatbot services. It found that 92 percent of customers across EMEA believe that response times are one of the most important elements when dealing with a brand and 46 percent of customers think that a good chatbot service is unimportant when dealing with a brand.

Juniper Networks partners ServiceNow on automation for MSPs and enterprises

Juniper Networks has joined ServiceNow’s Technology Partner Program to deliver end-to-end automation for managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises. Under the agreement, Juniper and ServiceNow will provide a “turnkey, AI-driven, closed-loop solution” that integrates into operations support systems, business support systems or enterprise management systems for rapid network and services deployments.

ServiceNow, Hugging Face's free StarCoder LLM takes on Copilot, CodeWhisperer

ServiceNow and Hugging Face are releasing a free large language model (LLM) trained to generate code, in an effort to take on AI-based programming tools including  Microsoft-owned GitHub Copilot, Google’s Bard AI and Amazon CodeWhisperer. The licensed source code includes 80 programming languages. The companies say that training the LLM on licensed source code resolves legal issues related to generative AI engines that produce unattributed code in response to natural language queries. It’s expected that ServiceNow will build StarCoder into its low-code/no-code solutions. President Vanessa Smith on bringing digital value to non-profit organizations

ServiceNow has launched its own dedicated practice focused on non-profit organizations,, with the aim of supplying products and services in order to help the sector deliver greater impact in their varying areas of focus. President Vanessa Smith says she’s clear that this isn’t about just providing discounts to non-profit organizations, as she said is the case with some other vendors’ charity divisions, but is rather about building out sector expertise within ServiceNow and creating an offering that highlights value for organizations that include charities, science research facilities, humanitarian organizations, and others.

How to optimize cloud operations in Microsoft Azure

In an article on the ServiceNow blog, the firm’s senior director of digital technology for IT infrastructure explains how ServiceNow has embraced a three-zero strategy for its digital technology operations: zero unplanned outages, zero physical footprints, and zero user-reported incidents. He explains that ServiceNow adopted a cloud-first policy as part of its zero-physical-footprint strategy. This approach delivers the operational agility ServiceNow needs as a growing company—they can add capacity on demand. With a data-center approach, that would take weeks or months.

“By moving our business-critical applications to Microsoft Azure, we’ve improved the user experience, increased application performance, and added redundancy to help avoid unplanned outages,” he says. “But the migration story doesn’t end there. Just as crucial is how we optimize cloud operations after the migration is complete.”

ServiceNow Devvies showcases innovative apps built on the Now Platform

ServiceNow Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright announced the winners of the The Devvies App of the Year contest, which highlights how customers and partners use the Now Platform to create innovative apps that improve the quality of their organizations, transform user experiences, and even save lives.

To be considered for an award, apps could be built by professional or citizen developers, solo or as a team. The apps had to be complete and in use by an organization. This year we received 109 app entries from 182 contest participants.

The Citizen Development App of the Year Award goes to Universitat de Girona, which designed an app to streamline school improvement plans. It enables real-time sharing, tracking, and reporting with a centralized document repository. Automating manual processes saves time for 480 end users.

The App of the Year Award goes to University of Toronto Mississauga, whose app has changed the nature of remote service for students and staff at the university. Students receive a response to their questions in one to three days versus the prior timeline of 14 days minimum. Fast responses and limited follow-up have resulted in nearly $775,000 in savings in one year.

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