We support healthy lifestyles! Sitting most of the day in front of the computer is not very healthy so movement is very important to us.

In our mission GuideVision - Healthy Company, the most important part is our colleagues. We care about each other, we are proactive and always implement new ideas. For the first time, we have participated in the RunCzech event.

On Thursday, June 27th, in the evening six 4-member teams of our colleagues sought to overcome the distance of 20 km course within one of the Prague´s largest park - Stromovka. Among the more than 650 other RunCzech teams, the GuideVision runners stood out in white branded t-shirts, with shining energy and a great mood.

Working together and supporting each other, our colleagues reached the finish line! Together we have accomplished a goal that we set – everyone completed the race without any injury. We are very proud of our fellow runner-ups and thank you all who cheered for us. 😊

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