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  • The Company 

    Foxway AB is a leading IT services provider based in Växjö, Sweden with a complete service offering across IT Lifecycle Management, enabling companies to take complete control over the ICT asset flow and unlocking full asset value. The company specialises in IT services for the individual employee’s workplace; PCs, tablets, phones, and print.


    The Choice

    Foxway AB offers what it calls “Office IT as a service” - outsourced IT services including both hardware and software.

    “For example, when a company hires a new employee, we use ServiceNow to handle the IT tasks related to onboarding that employee, including provisioning their computer, setting up a mobile phone, providing access to company servers, and so on,” explained Niklas Nilsson, IT Operations Manager at Foxway AB and one of the leaders of the XIMA project.

    For faster and more efficient implementation, Foxway AB needed a flexible and powerful tool to integrate its ServiceNow-based catalog with the customer environments. The company partnered with GuideVision, to develop the tool that would significantly ease the process of onboarding new customer, and to maintain the integration with existing ones. After 6 months of hard work, the XIMA integration kit was ready for use.


    The Challenge

    The major challenge with XIMA was to design and create a tool that is as configurable as possible, and no further development would be needed for each implementation.

    “XIMA handles key functions in the customers’ ServiceNow instances, including request management, ticket management, catalog management, and asset management,” explains Antal Pettermann, a Senior IT Consultant, who led the project on the GuideVision side.

    “That’s the beauty of XIMA - it fits into existing workflows,” Nilsson said. “Sometimes clients have very specific workflow requirements, but still with the flexibility of XIMA we are able to handle them, so there is no need to compromise by the customer. If you think about integrations in the IT world, it’s often not the case, requiring additional change management, retraining, and costs of course.,” Nilsson said.

    “The integration is bi-directional. On one side ticket integration and support is pushed via XIMA to Foxway’s ServiceNow instance, allowing it to handle all those tasks as part of the lifecycle asset management. On the other direction Foxway AB pushes catalog items to update and maintain the clients’ ServiceNow catalogs and end-user portals.” said Pettermann. “For the end users the whole thing is transparent - they continue to work via their existing ServiceNow portals and catalogs and in the background, the process is managed by Foxway,” Nilsson explained.


    The Results

    XIMA was first implemented at a major international customer of Foxway, with over EUR 2.2 billion revenue and 15,000+ employees. The desktop environments to all employees, including computers, monitors, printers and phones, as well as a number of other IT services are provided by Foxway, so the customer enjoys greater flexibility and efficiency as a result of the outsourced service delivery model.

    XIMA has been deployed for the entire asset lifecycle management process. Via the integration, Foxway pushes all catalog items of hardware and software into the client’s ServiceNow instance, so the end-users can place their requests via their existing IT portal, against the always up-to-date Foxway catalog items. All requests are seamlessly being fulfilled by the Foxway service delivery organization.

    XIMA has proven to be highly flexible and is capable to support all service offerings of Foxway. As installed at the client, XIMA has more than 50 different configuration options, such as handling different cases, case types, service categories and options, and so on.

    The first live implementation of XIMA has been in production since June 2019, and based on the success it is being actively deployed at other customers of Foxway.

    “Since the go-live at the first customer, we’ve managed 3 new onboardings with XIMA, at even larger scale including worldwide distribution and 100,000+ end users,” Nilsson said.


    Key Highlights

    GuideVision worked with Foxway AB to create a tool named XIMA to provide more flexible ServiceNow integrations. XIMA was implemented first with a large multinational company with more than 15,000 employees. Foxway AB provides outsourced IT services based on ServiceNow to leading multinational companies worldwide.

    Headquarters: Växjö, Sweden

    Industry: IT services, Finance, Advisory, Print services

    Geographies: Global

    Employees: 550


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