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  • The Company 

    With approximately 450 stores, Dr. Max is the largest pharmacy chain in the Czech Republic. Headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Dr. Max stores make up approximately 15% of all Czech public pharmacies. Its sister company, Dr. Max Pharma, is the largest Czech producer of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.


    The Choice

    Dr. Max has had rapid success and growth in the Czech market, and the number of its stores jumped from 18 when it was founded in 2018 to approximately 450 today. The company sought a partner that would provide outstanding personalised care, as well as best-in-class technical skills. 

    GuideVision’s combination of a deep understanding of processes and best practices, as well as the ability to provide completely custom software development on the ServiceNow platform, proved to be essential in Dr. Max’s choice.


    The Challenge

    Because it saw such rapid growth, Dr. Max needed to put comprehensive systems in place for facilities management and human resources - and quickly. Dr. Max needed to come up with a bespoke solution that would match its demanding and growing processes - everything from maintenance for stores and pharmacists’ offices to energy management for every store to equipment management, not to mention their growing HR needs. 


    The Solution

    GuideVision’s custom development solution created a new set of modules for ServiceNow that manage multiple aspects of Dr. Max’s facilities and equipment, as well as handling key HR tasks for all Dr. Max employees. GuideVision’s top ServiceNow developers on its team had to develop the modules on a completely bespoke basis according to its wide-ranging requirements.

    The solution included applications for property acquisition, which provides project management for when they build new pharmacies or take over existing ones. For Dr. Max’s HR needs, GuideVision’s ServiceNow application manages employee evidence, administrative agenda, and recruitment. This is now used for all employees in all of its stores in the Czech Republic.


    The Result

    Based on its strong personal relationship with Dr. Max's management, GuideVision was able to first define and then build a number of highly-customised solutions. These bespoke solutions are in daily production and are bringing the expected results. The relationship with GuideVision is ongoing, and new solutions are regularly considered. 


    Key Highlights

    The Client: Market-leading chain of pharmacies in the Czech Republic works with GuideVision to develop bespoke applications based on ServiceNow. Applications include facilities management and property acquisition, as well as a comprehensive suite of human resources applications

    Headquarters: Brno, Czech Republic

    Industry: Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals

    Geographies: Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania

    Employees: More than 2,500 pharmacists and pharmacists’ assistants


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