• The Company 

    Recruitment of retail staff plays a crucial role in the success of Dr Max. With a total workforce of more than 5 000, working in multiple shifts filling up the missing positions is a business critical challenge. Strict regulations control the requirements the company have to follow when selecting their new hires. The fast growing network of pharmacies is demanding more and more shop staff, so no wonder that Dr Max HR department has more than 130 open positions for more than 150 different positions at every given day.


    The Challenge

    Despite of being highly business critical, the recruitment process at Dr Max has been fragmented and involved too many manual interventions. Status information of the running processes were difficult to get, managers had no easy to use tool to draw reports and see important performance indicators or possible bottlenecks. Recruitment process data has been stored in multiple separate locations, data sharing and communication were done via email making the fragmentation even worse.


    The Solution

    Today Dr Max has brand new external and internal portals that support the entire recruitment process. Candidates can search among the open positions and submit applications. Processes are triggered by location and job description and automated task allocation is being routed to the appropriate HR rep. All data related to the applications are handled in a single repository enabling accurate, on-demand reporting to all stakeholders. Managers can easily follow the status of each process and create reports on number of applications by role, duration of the different stages, or any other KPI’s. The management dashboards can be easily customized to always present the required information. The planned Employee portal will help to keep the employee information up-to-date by providing self-service capabilities and a searchable knowledge base.


    Key Highlights

    The Client: Largest Pharmacy Chain in Czech Republic,  Fast growing network with 400 outlets,  More than 5 000 employees

    Implemented Solution: ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite, Customer Portal, Service Catalog, Asset Management, Custom Application for HR Implementation

    Duration: 3 months

    Business Value:

    > Shortening the time of the recruitment process by automated notifications and accurate status information

    > Easily pinpoint and solve bottlenecks by management portals with real-time aggregated information

    > Spend less time with collecting information and focus on real tasks with the single system of records and the real-time dashboard

    > Easy to prepare, accurate and timely management reports on any KPI’s.


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