Although technology plays a role in every modern business, there has long been a disconnect between IT and other departments. This leads to a misalignment between business goals and digital transformation which, in some cases, can even leave you worse off than when you were still doing business by pen and paper. But there’s more to empowering efficiency than bringing technology into the mix – you need a benefit-driven approach that aligns with the challenges and goals of every department in the organisation. 

Accounting and procurement

Most companies have dozens of different suppliers and other third parties they do business with. Managing these relationships isn’t getting any easier, especially if you’re still relying on manual processes for mission-critical routines like vendor management and procurement. To maintain visibility into your supply chain and do away with the many cumbersome, repetitive processes often associated with accounting, you need to think about workflow automation. An automated workflow, that does away with these repetitive tasks, reduces human error while giving you greater visibility into your supply chain, purchases, and finances. 

Sales and marketing

Before the days of modern customer relationship management (CRM), businesses would rely on things like spreadsheets to keep track of leads and customers. For very small companies, that might still be fine, but even then, this approach doesn’t give you much room to grow. With clearly defined digital workflows comes increased efficiency and reduced risk. For example, if you only have one database for storing customer information, rather than multiple ones across different departments, there’s far less risk of outdated or inconsistent data. That way, you can automate many routine CRM tasks and focus on building real relationships with customers.

Human resources

Acquiring the best talent in a technology-driven age is one of the biggest challenges of all, but actually retaining that talent is even harder. Employee morale and productivity are far greater if people are able to focus on their core competencies, rather than spending a large portion of their time on ancillary tasks like data entry and inefficient workarounds for recurring technology problems. By transforming the old, manual ways of working, HR teams will be able to make their businesses more attractive to today’s workforce. Add cloud computing to the mix, and it’s also possible to tap into talent all over the country and beyond.

Customer support

Customer satisfaction is everything in the era of social media and online reviews. No longer does the relationship end the moment a purchase is made; today, customers judge a brand by the level of post-sales service it provides. If they’re left unsatisfied, it won’t be long before your reputation starts to suffer. Automating routine customer support inquiries with things like online knowledgebases, community forums, and chatbots goes a long way towards reducing the number of support tickets your team has to handle. This frees up time to focus on bigger and more challenging issues.

Research and development

In modern business, data is everything. With so many data-collection points ranging from CRM software to in-store beacons and self-service kiosks in traditional bricks-and-mortar venues, there’s no shortage of data being generated by everyday business activities. By creating one cohesive infrastructure powered by consistent digital workflows, businesses are better placed to derive valuable insights from all those ones and zeros. These insights can then be fed into research and development routines to constantly improve your offer. Sales and marketing can also leverage these insights to communicate their value propositions better.


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