Now that the Utah release is here, it's time to take a look at the numerous improvements that have been made for mobile users. GuideVision ServiceNow Consultant Andrzej Szczepański has taken a deep dive into the mobile experience and has prepared a few highlights.

➡️ Developers and implementers will especially appreciate the ability to switch between mobile instances without having to log in and out. While this may seem like something smaller, for people preparing mobile apps this one change may make a big difference.

➡️ End users will appreciate Utah's ability to work better under situations where the network connection is lost - the data you input in fields will get synced to the server when the connection resumes.

➡️ End users will also appreciate Utah's ability to handle signatures and scans of both QR codes and bar codes, something that should make like much easier for workers in the field.

The GuideVision Insider podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, and you can watch a video version on YouTube and the GuideVision website.

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