There's a lot to look forward to in the new Now Platform release. To help you get oriented, we've recorded a new video conversation with GuideVision ServiceNow Principal Consultant András Nagy, in which he goes over some of the highlights in the new ServiceNow Utah release.

Some of the things András is looking forward to in the Utah release:

  • End users and support personnel will like the deeper integration with Microsoft Teams for support calls, including the ability to hand off calls to virtual agents.
  • Changes to the Next Experience user interface will make for a more consistent look and feel to applications on the Now Platform. This includes 'Dark Mode' for users who prefer it.
  • Dynamic translation will enable work notes to be translated from one language to the language of the user who is viewing a ticket at the moment.
  • Developers will be interested in Apache Kafka integration for near-real-time events distribution.
  • 'Reactive prompts' notify managers or users about things that require their attention, like a manager who needs to approve vacation requests.

The GuideVision Insider podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, and you can watch a video version on YouTube and the GuideVision website.

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