Because of its ease of use, cloud-based reliability, and extensibility, ServiceNow has enjoyed massive growth in recent years, starting with the ITSM community and expanding into other parts of the enterprise. ServiceNow is primarily thought of as a platform for data, and with good reason – millions of records daily are generated in ServiceNow, and those records form the basis for key decisions and actions worldwide.

This perception, however, misses a very important aspect of what ServiceNow can do for companies: It can integrate natively with a large number of systems prevalent in today’s businesses, and can therefore serve as a “lingua franca” between systems. This white paper will examine some of the ways these integrations can be brought to bear for companies seeking to gain maximum benefit from their ServiceNow investment. In the process, we will highlight some of the relevant integration projects GuideVision has led, as well as its guiding principles for these integrations.

If you want to read the whole White Paper, please download it by clicking the Download button below.

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