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Creating the conditions for satisfied end users

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  • The Company 

    With more than 71,000 employees and products sold in more than 180 countries worldwide, Philip Morris International is a leader in the tobacco industry. Now PMI is leading the way toward a smoke-free future, with several product lines that are a far better choice than cigarette smoking. At the same time as it is transforming its product offering, the company is undergoing a digital transformation, which is underpinned by its investment in its ServiceNow infrastructure.


    The Challenge

    Philip Morris International wanted to gather feedback from their employees about IT services in general and ServiceNow in particular. The typical way of gathering feedback - having end users fill out surveys - had a very low response rate. End users had very few ways to provide actionable feedback to the support team. So how could PMI gather crucial feedback without placing too much burden on end users?


    The Choice

    PMI chose GuideVision because they were satisfied with the level of technical expertise on the ServiceNow platform, as well as with GuideVision’s track record of successful implementation with the company. But they also wanted to tap into GuideVision’s expertise in understanding business processes.


    The Solution

    Working with PMI’s ITCC organization, GuideVision created a custom application based on a very basic framework from the ServiceNow Store. PMI wanted the application as part of ServiceNow because they wanted to access its data, aggregate it and present it in a dashboard powered by PowerBI.

    Inspired by ride-sharing apps, the solution places customer satisfaction at the center of the process. In a ride-sharing app, customers are prompted to rate the quality when they finish their ride. PMI applied this approach to IT services. 

    After a certain amount of time following an incident, the application automatically sends end users a satisfaction survey, and sends a reminder if the survey hasn’t been completed. The survey response is matched with incident resolution information on whether it was resolved or not. From the survey responses, the system can also determine which end users are promoters of ServiceNow, which are neutral and which are detractors. GuideVision worked to explain to PMI’s managers what the data collected by the application means, how to process the end user feedback and what to do with it.


    The Results

    The team looked forward to gathering feedback, even if it was negative. But the numbers showed that the sentiment was surprisingly neutral. What the team was very pleasantly surprised by was how the new system led to a huge increase in feedback - up 1,400% month to month.

    “It enabled us to make better decisions and understand if we were delivering a quality service or not,” says Carlo Tamburrini, Delivery Manager for Platforms at PMI. “Instead of stabbing in the dark, we have a direction now. We have a vector. We know what people are thinking,” he adds.

    The team not only worked to put the platform into operation, but to maintain it and monitor the changes in satisfaction on a weekly basis. 

    Tamburrini appreciates the close partnership with GuideVision. “There was an understanding of what we wanted and what they wanted. It was a well-rounded experience. It just worked. It clicked. It made sense. Everyone benefited from the symbiotic relationship,” Tamburrini says.


    Key Highlights

    The Client: Philip Morris International, one of the world’s leading tobacco companies.

    Solution: Custom application for ServiceNow that tracks end-user satisfaction with IT services and presents constantly-updated data to dashboards for management.

    Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland

    Industry: Tobacco

    Geographies: 180 countries worldwide

    Employees: More than 72,000 employees

    ServiceNow Partner: GuideVision


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