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  • The Company 

    Kooperativa, a member of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), has operated on the Czech insurance market for more than 30 years. It offers a full range of insurance products for personal and corporate use. Kooperativa has more than 2.4 million clients and 4,000 internal employees across the Czech Republic.


    The Choice

    Combining process knowledge and strong technical skills

    Kooperativa chose GuideVision because of our strong background in both technical ServiceNow skills and understanding of business processes. GuideVision’s ability to provide services in the Czech language - including all analytics documents - was also a unique positive factor in the decision.


    The Challenge

    Re-examining and improving processes

    The project’s goal was to replace Kooperativa’s legacy ITSM solution with something more user-friendly, while at the same time maintaining the functionality of the previous system. GuideVision worked with Kooperativa to examine existing processes and improve upon them.

    One work item involved creating process documentation and then working with an external company charged with this task, while a parallel work item involved implementing the documented processes in ServiceNow. The two workstreams met in the end. Organisational change management was another service GuideVision was able to provide, which helped the adoption of the system among its users and to speed the implementation. The project also had a very tight deadline, and work on the first phase was successfully completed in June 2021.


    The Results

    Building a system that is ready for the future

    Now that Kooperativa has defined their new processes and migrated to ServiceNow, they can further enhance the system themselves. The new platform and processes have enabled faster communication with and within fulfillment teams; it also means they can observe and report on a larger scale. The goal for the next phase of the project is to leverage ServiceNow to interconnect processes, including the Configuration Management Database, Asset Management, and Change Management, as well as further integration of internal processes.



    Key Highlights

    The Client: A leading insurance company on the Czech market with more than 2.4 million clients, Kooperativa offers a full range of insurance products for personal and corporate use. GuideVision worked with Kooperativa to improve its IT service management by re-examining and streamlining existing processes and implementing ServiceNow accordingly. The company now has a solid base to build on for the future.

    Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic

    Industry: Insurance

    Geographies: Czech Republic

    Employees: More than 4,000 employees

    ServiceNow Partner: GuideVision

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