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  • The Company 

    Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, the KBC Group is a leading European financial group with a focus on providing bank-insurance products and services to retail, SME and mid-cap clients, with its core countries being Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Founded in 1998 when two banks and two insurers merged, KBC now has 41,000 staff and serves 12 million customers worldwide.


    The Challenge

    Building on ServiceNow for a digital future

    For a major financial services group, uptime is crucial because clients need 24/7 access to their money. This is why incident management and related processes play a large role in KBC’s IT service management. KBC chose ServiceNow as the platform they wanted to implement, but did not have the capacity in-house to migrate from its legacy ITSM platform.


    The Choice

    Building a partnership with GuideVision

    KBC chose GuideVision because of the company’s deep knowledge of ServiceNow; GuideVision was an early adopter of the Now Platform and has successfully completed dozens of ServiceNow projects for clients around the world. “We reached out to GuideVision for the depth. That’s the added value,” explains Mariusz Hudeczek, the executive manager of the ServiceNow Global Competence Center.


    The Solution

    Creating the ServiceNow Global Competence Center

    In partnership with GuideVision, KBC established the ServiceNow Global Competence Center (GCC), based at their Czech subsidiary CSOB. The GCC is staffed by both KBC employees and strategic partner GuideVision. Using an ‘agile mindset,’ the Center is in charge of adding new features and addressing issues across KBC’s ServiceNow implementation.


    The Results

    The KBC ServiceNow Global Competence Center’s time-to-market is 20 times faster than it was on the legacy platform. At the same time, total cost of ownership has been cut by 15%, even with using external consultants. The ServiceNow Global Competency Center is perceived positively within the KBC Group because of its special focus on end user satisfaction. 


    Key Highlights

    The Client: The KBC Group is a major European financial group providing bank-insurance products and services. The group has 41,000 staff and serves 12 million customers worldwide. KBC chose GuideVision because of its deep knowledge of ServiceNow as well as business processes, as well as its flexibility in providing the conditions for success.

    Solution: Established the ServiceNow Global Competence Center to maintain and develop the group’s ServiceNow presence.

    Industry: Banking, insurance, financial services

    Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

    Geographies: Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and others

    Employees: 41000 +


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