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  • The Company 

    Česká spořitelna is the largest bank in the Czech Republic, with more than 4.7 million clients, more than 10 thousand employees, and 640 branches. It is part of the Erste Group, Austria. Česká spořitelna had a revenue of 39 billion Czech crowns (1.45 billion EUR) in 2018.


    The Choice

    Understanding workflow, processes, and ServiceNow

    Česká spořitelna came to GuideVision after previous unsuccessful attempts at migrating to a new ITSM system based on ServiceNow. GuideVision was selected both because of its deep technical expertise as well as its understanding of company processes and workflow. GuideVision worked closely with Česká spořitelna’s IT team to get the technical migration to ServiceNow back on track, and as part of the project conducted a thorough review of the processes and workflow used by the previous ITSM system.

    A key requirement was that once the project was completed, it had to be handed over to the internal IT team. GuideVision proposed trainings and close cooperation so that the internal IT team could better understand what ServiceNow could deliver, and how to best deliver it, and these worked so well the IT team took an active part in the project’s technical implementation, including ServiceNow scripting. Today the internal team is fully capable of maintaining and improving the instance, with the exception of the most complex changes.


    The Challenge

    Completing an ambitious project on a tight deadline

    Because of previous difficulties with the project, Česká spořitelna had a tight deadline to complete their implementation. The first analytical workshop was held at the end of January and the go-live was at the end of June. Integration was also a key challenge in the project - the GuideVision team had to decommission and replace more than 40 integrations, a task that was completed in 1 year. This also meant that change management was a challenge due to the company’s internal structure. 

    Security was also a major concern due to the fact that Česká spořitelna is a major bank. This meant every design had to go through its security processes for approval. In addition, most key ServiceNow modules were bespoke to meet Česká spořitelna’s needs - very little was out of the box.


    The Results

    Streamlined workflow, greater visibility, and a smooth handover

    The project’s tight deadlines were met, and the project was implemented in phases that made sense for Česká spořitelna. The number of processes from the legacy ITSM system was cut in half, and workflow and workflow setup were highly optimized. Because Česká spořitelna’s internal IT team was involved in the process from the beginning, they were aware of internal processes - what would work and what wouldn’t. The training was also easier because the Česká spořitelna team was on board from the beginning.

    In the end, the project resulted in greater visibility over the entire system. The transfer process from the legacy ITSM system to ServiceNow was a good opportunity to simplify processes, to redo their portal, and make their services more visible to customers.



    Key Highlights

    The Client: Leading Czech bank replaces legacy ITSM system with ServiceNow on tight deadline. GuideVision leads project to implement and integrate ServiceNow, review processes and workflow, decommissioning and replacement of legacy systems. Training and change management are key success factors.

    Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic

    Industry: Banking and Finance

    Geographies: Czech Republic

    Employees: More than 10,000 employees

    ServiceNow Partner: GuideVision



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